Emilija Spencer

Emilija Spencer

Meet Emilija Spencer—the soul of our website and the person who converts words into impressive articles. Being a graduate of Bennington College and UCLA film school, Emilija has a unique approach to her texts. She has an impressive number of nonfiction essays, which are put in several books. Also, Emilija has collaborated with different British authors, which helped her hone her writing and creative thinking skills.

Here’s what Emilija says about working with YourBeautyBrides.net:
I’ve always been passionate about activities that have to do with ideas and thinking, and writing on dating topics allows me to put my inner creativity in a direction where my work will be appreciated. I like to search for facts and solutions and articles about the specificities of women from different countries and relationships with them imply spending a significant amount of time on the study.

I have recently completed MasterClass by Neil Gaiman, and I believe that even though I have 8 years of copywriting experience, I shouldn’t stop advancing my knowledge. Besides, writing for YourBeautyBrides.net inspires me because I see how my texts help people meet their soulmates. What can be more romantic than that?

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